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Secure Tele-Health solutions for your practice

Provides medical professionals the secure and HIPAA compliant
tools that are patient friendly

Your patients need help now!

We make it easy, with fast accessible and easy appointments, you can focus on providing
your patients the help they need

Easy Appointments

Your patients can launch One-Click appointments from their email or text message

Secure Video

A secure platform that provide a fast and always on connection


No downloads required, works on all types of devices

Free Sign-up

Free for the Providers, get started today, enhance your practice

Plan, adapt and accelerate your Tele-Health capabilities

Patients are looking for convenient, safe and accessible
quality care they can trust. Mediguru provides medical professionals the secure and HIPAA compliant tools that are patient friendly. In today’s environment practices are losing patients and revenue. Let us help your practice improve patient satisfaction so that revenues do not take a hit.

Accelerate revenue

This year your company will lose revenue, due to patient no-shows and cancellations. That figure doesn’t even account for all the pandemic related issues and losses. Mediguru gives you the ability to keep providing quality care for your patients while not taking a hit to your revenues.

We work with our providers so they can continue to diagnose, triage and follow-up with their patients in a secure environment. Our portal is always easy for the patients to connect to, with no downloads and easy accessibility spend your time providing care without the hassle of providing tech support.

Learn how Mediguru can accelerate your revenues.

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