Young female doctor on modern clinic background.
Software platform enabling Telehealth​
Young female doctor on modern clinic background.
Software platform enabling Telehealth​

About Mediguru

MediGuru is a software platform that enables a healthcare system, provider network or payer network to setup a customized branded telemedicine solution as part of their virtual care practice. Post Covid-19, telemedicine is a necessity. According to Gartner®, COVID-19 has fueled unprecedented demand for virtual care. IDC, McKinsey, Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and a variety of data points to up to 35% of all primary care treatments to continue using virtual care. In this scenario, healthcare providers and health systems that had implemented tactical virtual care solutions will have to build long-term strategic virtual care capabilities. They would have to invest in a “Digital Front Door” for their long-term plan and enable this virtual first approach.

MediGuru® enables organizations to implement this “Digital Front door” through advanced integrated clinical workflows that seamlessly integrates with their EMR and provides the same level of life like in person engagement to telemedicine.

Genesis of Mediguru

MediGuru was incubated by CloudiX Inc., as a telemedical software service. After the advent of COVID-19, our clients were struggling to adopt to the virtual first practice and were trying to force fit stop gap telehealth solutions using readily available commercial video communication solutions (Zoom, RingCentral, WebEx, Skype). There were genuine concerns on the security, privacy, and compliance aspects as well. In addition, the virtual care experience seemed like a tactical glue and the users were stuck in two separate systems.

We saw an opportunity to build a seamless experience that provided an integrated virtual care that was simple and easy to use with the same degree of in-person experience and was life-like. We innovated on advanced clinical workflows like (1) Patient waiting room, (2) Medical Assistants (3) Care Team Dashboard, (4) Streamlined Provider experience, (5) Dynamic, auto-expiring virtual rooms, (6) Virtual Scribe, (7) Charting and EMR integration. These are readily available in our solution.

Take our system for a spin by provisioning yourself as a solo practitioner in our SaaS platform. Want to explore a more customized experience of how this would fit into your environment and provide you the keys to a seamless virtual first experience? – just hit us at and we can setup a demo sandbox environment for you at no cost to you. (for qualified customers).

Leadership Team

Siva Nagalingam

CEO & SVP Business Development

Arul Venkatachalam


Mike Rochelle

VP BD & Sales

Kiran Modak

Director, Healthcare Services

John Theofelis

Sr Business Development Manager

Advisors and Influencers

Sathya Hariharan

CTO, Cloudix

Toby Buckalew

CIO, OneShare Health

CJ Venkat

COO, Vimly Solutions

Richard D. Daniels

CIO Emeritus, Kaiser Permanente

Ramesh Chetty

CEO, Human Billing

Vishal Arora


Mary Ann Kilpatrick


Mark Jansa

CEO Copperfield

John Dow

Copperfield Consulting